Commercial and Corporate Headshots

Professional Headshots

No matter whether you work in a small business, your own business, or a large corporation, the 'face' and 'faces' of the company represents it's professionalism and brand.  Professional portraits of you, your employees and colleagues represent the tone and seriousness of your business.  First impressions and options are based on the first few seconds of someone looking at your photograph.  Don't let your professional brand be jeopardized by a poor headshot - perhaps the one a friend or family member took at a recent wedding or restaurant or in a not-so-professional setting, or the overfiltered, Instagram selfie from last week.  Employees are often referred to a company's greatest asset so don't cheapen your brand by having bad photographs of your team!

No one loves having to sit in front of a camera and update their professional look but it is vital to stay up-to-date and trendy.  So often we get given a business card or see a LinkedIn profile and the person looking back at us looks nothing like their photograph!

Updated portraits are recommended every three to five years.  Changing jobs or professions is also a perfect time to update your profiles with a new photograph of yourself.

We LOVE photographing classic, simple, professional headshots!