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Artists at Work

Several years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with members of the Granby Artist Association in Connecticut.  They were celebrating their 10th year anniversary and I was able to photograph several of the artists at work in their individual studios.

Each artist allowed me to spend an hour or two with them, watching and recording their art journey in a series of black and white portraits.  These portraits were used throughout their Open Studio Tour that year, promoting the group, their membership, and their art.

Granby-Artist-AvisGranby-Artist-Avis Granby-Artist-BillSimpsonGranby-Artist-BillSimpson Granby-Artist-JoanneGranby-Artist-Joanne Granby-Artist-LauraGranby-Artist-Laura Granby-Artist-MaggieGranby-Artist-Maggie Granby-Artist-SallyGranby-Artist-Sally Granby-Artist-StraussGranby-Artist-Strauss Granby-Artist-TraceyGranby-Artist-Tracey Granby-ArtistsGranby-Artists