Seniors and their stuff

Seniors and their stuff - to use props or not?

Indigo Images is especially known for our deep love of capturing you doing what you do best.  

We love seeing you in your element - whether it's playing soccer, riding your horse, practicing dance, singing, playing an instrument, painting, enjoying the outdoors, or simply listening to music in your room.  

Seniors Props - ViolinSeniors Props - Violin

High School Senior car boyHigh School Senior car boy

Seniors Props - GraduationSeniors Props - Graduation

Tennis SeniorTennis Senior

Whatever you are passionate about, we love to photograph you doing it.

Seniors Props - FlowerSeniors Props - Flower


High School Senior Girl booksHigh School Senior Girl books

If you have a special interest or pastime that you enjoy sharing with the world, please let us know and we will work with you to create a session around it.  

Seniors Props - WritingSeniors Props - Writing

Sydney Sport PosterSydney Sport Poster

Often times these special sessions produce beautiful, intense photographs that inspire and impress.  

High School Senior SkateboardHigh School Senior Skateboard

Seniors Props - Guitar 1Seniors Props - Guitar 1

We are happy to provide on-location services within a reasonable distance to competitions, shows, or favorite spots around town.

Marquis of GranbyMarquis of Granby

High School Senior DanceHigh School Senior Dance