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Each and every wedding is unique!

Wedding formals-004Wedding formals-004

How many opportunities do you ever get to have photographs of EVERYONE you love around you, not many!

Capturing formal family and friend group portraits during weddings can be very stressful, but, this is where many wonderful wedding memories are captured and preserved. It is a precious way for a bridal couple to remember their special guests for years to come.  So, the challenge remains for us, as the wedding photographers, to ensure that the time allocated, (normally about 30 minutes) for these formals is spent efficiently and as drama-free as possible.

Wedding formals -001Wedding formals -001

The best way to do this is COMMUNICATION!  

Communication with the bridal couple and communication between the couple and their family and friends - keeping everyone informed will help to gather people efficiently.  Also, ensure that everyone understands the group dynamics between guests, e.g. divorced parents, step families, etc. 

Also, remember, we are not going to know everyone at your wedding, make sure we prioritize your list and appoint a 'runner' - someone who knows both bride and groom's family and friends to assist with the smooth transition between groupings.  This ensures that the guests are waiting and ready and can be photographed as quickly as possible for you and your bridal party to join in your celebration!  Sit down with your fiancé a few months before the wedding and work out who you want in each shot, be realistic, and ask yourself why you want these photos, will they go in the album, the frame, the wall? And if not, don't request it!

Wedding formals-005Wedding formals-005

All formals are very personal with many different dynamics dictating portrait lists.  Make sure we have a list of all the formals you would like to add to a wish list!  It is very important to be aware, however, that the photographer can only record what is in front of them.... if a family or friend is 'missing-in-action', that grouping may not be complete or included.... our bridal couple portrait is the only portrait we guarantee - all other formals on the list are part of the 'hope to have' for the final album. 

Wedding formals- 006Wedding formals- 006

Also, it is important to remember that weddings and events sometimes take on a life of their own.... with many different situations changing as the event unfolds.  Weather, lighting, public venues include private parties and individuals in your background, missing guests intended to be included, timeline for wedding disrupted, the list is endless. :( 

Wedding formals-002Wedding formals-002

Keep in mind too, you do not have to include every single guest into a formal session.  IF you are having a small wedding, it is sometimes fun to attempt to include one large wedding guest group immediately following the ceremony where everyone can gather before heading off to the reception.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the photograph to include all your guests, but make sure you communicate this to your guests in your wedding day schedule during the ceremony.  We will also be able to inform you if this is possible at your event, we normally make sure we can be higher than the group, church steps are a great vantage point and produce a very successful portrait.

Wedding formals-003Wedding formals-003

Tips on creating your formals list:

Grow from large to small: Start out with your largest group of people and narrow it to your smallest group.

Make sure you include all the grandparents and older guests first.  They tire easily - try to have some seating to accommodate them close by.

This is an opportunity to make some wonderful new updated family portraits, but be aware this is a wedding not a family portrait session!  All groups need to include the bride and/or the groom! You only have 30 minutes for these portraits.

Please include your relationship and the first name of every person in each photograph.  You don't have to include your own names :) e.g. Bride + Groom + Bride's Parents (John + Joan)

There should be a list of portraits before the wedding included in your communication with us: e.g. 

Bride + Bride’s Parents, Bride + Bride’s Mom, Bride + Bride’s Dad

Groom + Groom’s Parents, Groom + Groom’s Mom, Groom + Groom’s Dad

Keep your lists small and simple!

Wedding formals-007Wedding formals-007

Sample list:


Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Parents 

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Groom's Parents



Bride + Groom + Bride's Grandparents

Bride + Groom + Groom's Grandparents

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings + Bride’s Grandparents

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Parents + Groom’s Siblings + Groom’s Grandparents 

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings + Bride’s Grandparents + Groom’s Parents + Groom’s Siblings + Groom’s Grandparents 



Bride + Groom + Bride’s Siblings

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Siblings

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Parents + Groom’s Siblings

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings + Groom’s Parents + Groom’s Siblings





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It's Prom Season! How to take your own beautiful prom portraits!

It's Spring and everyone is excited for their high school senior prom!

Prom Portraits 001-5Prom Portraits 001-5

Beautiful dresses, shoes, hair, make-up, rented tux's, matching ties and dresses, and of course, the flower corsage.

It is such an exciting time and you definitely want to record all the beautiful details in pictures.

What a wonderful tradition to meet at one of your friend's houses, share some snacks and, of course, take photographs of your high school senior prom group!

Prom Portraits 008Prom Portraits 008

Here are a few tips we have picked up over years of photographing this tradition!

Find a pretty spot, make sure it is in open shade.  Somewhere where the spring blossoms are already in bloom and make sure you have enough space to photograph bigger groups.  Agree to select a parent to take charge of the pictures, it is very difficult to control big groups when the group is excited and energized and all the parents are trying to attract their attention for the perfect pic!  Let one person take charge, pose the group cohesively and then everyone stands behind that person and can get their own Instagram shots with everyone in the group looking in one direction.

Prom yellow dressProm yellow dress

Photograph each person individually - they will definitely want to keep those images for their senior albums.

Remember to pose and photograph a head shot close-up to get all the finer details, as well as a full length for both boys and girls.

Prom Portraits 003Prom Portraits 003


Prom Portraits 004Prom Portraits 004

Photograph all the girls together as well as the boys together with their friends as a full group.

Posing groups can be challenging so be aware of heights and pose all in one direction or split the group and pose both halves facing into the middle.

Prom girl groupProm girl group

Prom boy groupProm boy group

Props add an element of fun and excitement and shows the group personality.

Prom boys propsProm boys props

Prom girls propProm girls prop

Posing couples for prom is always tricky.  Make sure you get a great shot of each couple together, but, pose them in a way that does not look like a wedding shot - keep it light and friendly, avoid intimate couples portraits.  Most of the prom couples are good friends, but not necessarily dating!

Prom Portraits 001Prom Portraits 001

Prom Portraits 001-6Prom Portraits 001-6 Prom Portraits 002-2Prom Portraits 002-2

Photograph close friends together.

Prom Portraits 012Prom Portraits 012



Prom Portraits 001-4Prom Portraits 001-4

Don't forget to include all the carefully planned details.

Prom Portraits 007Prom Portraits 007 Prom Portraits 006Prom Portraits 006

If time allows, include a quick photograph of each student with their parents - it is something we forget to include, but is a treasured memory of senior year.

Prom Portraits 010Prom Portraits 010 Prom Portraits 011Prom Portraits 011




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High School Senior Announcement Cards  

High School Senior

Graduation Announcement Cards

High School Senior AnnouncementHigh School Senior Announcement


Announcement twinsAnnouncement twins

Years and years ago high schools gave each student a set of High School Graduation Announcements to send out to their family and friends, announcing the graduation date and time and details of the event.

Announcements girl b&wAnnouncements girl b&w

Over the years, these has gradually disappeared but parents and families still want to celebrate the event and have customized their own announcements with the images that we photographed during the student's senior portrait session.


Announcement cardAnnouncement card

Our print labs are constantly updating this trend and offering lots of different paper types, card shapes and adding beautiful foil finishes to the finished announcements.


Our announcements are all custom designed with the graduation information and can include your graduation party invitation information.

Announcement and InvitationAnnouncement and Invitation

All cards come in sets of 25 and include envelopes.

Card sizes and shapes vary from a simple flat one sided card all the way up to a trifold with space for lots of images and information.  

Announcement card girlAnnouncement card girl

Allow two weeks for design and printing of your cards.

Announcements boyAnnouncements boy


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Pets and their People  

Our Furbabies

A sympathetic snuggle or a wet kiss on a bad day.  

A happy face at the door.  A running companion, or a couch potato.

For many of us, pets are more than just pets; they are family members.  They are an integral part of our everyday lives, depending on us for care and shelter, and in return offering us unconditional love.

Dog pretty petDog pretty pet

Seniors Props - DogSeniors Props - Dog

We love documenting this special bond.  From a rambunctious romp in the field to a silky pillow at home, we hit to capture the spirit of your beloved pet and the love you share.  Beautiful images for your four-legged best friend are a fantastic way to decorate your home.  Many of our clients enjoy an endless stream of compliments on their pet portraits from visitors and family.  The photographs are also a beautiful, treasured reminder of your pet for many years to come.

Family catFamily cat

Dad and DogDad and Dog

Preparing your pampered pet for a photoshoot may seem intimidating, but in fact can be a fun bonding experience!  We highly recommend grooming your pet before their portrait session to help them look their very best.  Some clients prefer to groom their pets themselves, while others seek a professional groomer for a perfect finishing touch!

Dog petDog pet

For those up for a bit of an adventure, grooming can be a fun, enjoyable way to interact with their pet.  Unless you have lots of experience with grooming we recommend only styling shedding-fur pets at home, non-shedding dogs require a great deal of skill and tools to bath, blow-dry and clip.  A quality pet shampoo, conditioner and towel-dry the night before the photoshoot will help your pet to look his absolute best the next day.  After bathing your pet, make sure to dry inside the ears to prevent potential infection.  Brushing your pet thoroughly will help the coat to shine and remove mats and dead hairs.


The day of the photoshoot, we recommend brushing your pet again to smooth the hair and make it shine.  Leave-on conditioners can add a wonderful sheen to your pet's coat.  Make sure to take a damp towel and gently clean around your pet's eyes to remove any mucus that might have built up overnight.

With just a little bit of elbow grease, your pet can look incredible for their portrait!  Please make sure to read all care instructions for grooming products to ensure your pet is happy, safe and healthy.

Pets catPets cat

During our portrait session together, you can expect a fun, professional experience with us.  With years of experience as pet owners as well as photographers, we understand it may take some extra time and loads of patience to get a perfect shot.  We'll ask you to bring your pet's favorite toys and treats and work with you and your pet in a relaxed, natural way.  Our goal is to capture the essence of who you are, and who your pet is, and like to allow the animals to set the pace of the shoot. 


Granny and dogGranny and dog

We have over twenty years of professional experience photographing pets and their people.  We take a natural approach to our images, working closely with you to create the images of your dreams.  Our style is expressive and candid; our emphasis is on emotion and to document your love through small moments in time.  We look forward to working with you and your furry family members to create treasured pet portraits.

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Photo Booths  

Photo Booths

Photo booths have become a very trendy option over the past few years and many bridal couples are opting for the experience.

We love them!

Even the most conservative of guests love the use of props and will happily join in the fun.

Photo booth - funPhoto booth - fun

Photo booths have skyrocketed in popularity in partial thanks to their universal appeal:  even the wallflowers will love dressing up and striking a pose for the camera!  Our booths give guests a chance to express themselves off the dance floor, meet new friends, and create lasting memories.  There's no limit on the number of booth images one can take, providing a fun source of entertainment for your guests.  We've had many brides and grooms tell us that their Photo Booth images are some of the most memorable and cherished photographs from the wedding!


Photo booth - fun-7Photo booth - fun-7

Photo booths are one of the hottest trends in events these days, and it's not hard to see why!  Providing a space for guests to be creative, silly and enjoy themselves - alone or in groups - is a wonderful addition to any event.  We've recently begun to offer photo booth add-on's to our wedding packages, which have quickly become one of our most popular options!

Photo booth - fun-3Photo booth - fun-3

It has been our experience that the addition of a photo booth adds lots of fun to the wedding album and adds many additional options to use these casual images for thank you notes and fun photo strips to the thank you packet.

Many couples ask if the booth is too distracting from the actual event - it can be! But, we have discovered over years of working with events that if you add the booth for a quick, limited period of time during dessert, it adds a level of fun to the occasion.

They can add an unexpected level of enjoyment to the most traditional of events.

Photo booth - fun-6Photo booth - fun-6

Photo booth - fun-10Photo booth - fun-10

How it works

We will work with you one-on-one before the event to choose a convenient location for your booth that easy for guests to find while also not distracting from the main event.  Some venues may have rules about where a booth may or may not be set up, so it's best to plan your booth well in advance to prevent any last-minute surprises!

We will provide a professional to manage the booth at all times during the time the booth is up so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the dress-up and posing without worrying about taking the photo or any logistics.  Having a camera operator at your booth will also ensure that your images are safely backed up and all equipment is working properly during the event.

We do not provide any on-site printing services due to the logistical difficulty and extreme sacrifice in print quality.  Instead, we display your digital Photo Booth images in an online gallery just days following the event, with a secret password to give to guests for their viewing pleasure!  Beautiful, professional quality prints will be available for purchase through the online gallery, or guests can download their photographs at high-resolution and print their own images.


Family Portrait Booths

You don't have to wait for the next wedding to participate in fun photo booths - we have seen the popularity of family photo booth requests increase as folks love the casual relaxed portraits that result from adding different props to their sessions.

2016 -68722016 -6872

Our 'open-air' approach to these family shoots allow for a larger area with a natural backdrop and room for family and friends to spread out, expressing themselves with a variety of costumes, props and poses. 

Seniors Props - LipsSeniors Props - Lips

Photo booth - fun-2Photo booth - fun-2


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Seniors and their stuff Seniors and their stuff - to use props or not?

Indigo Images is especially known for our deep love of capturing you doing what you do best.  

We love seeing you in your element - whether it's playing soccer, riding your horse, practicing dance, singing, playing an instrument, painting, enjoying the outdoors, or simply listening to music in your room.  

Seniors Props - ViolinSeniors Props - Violin

High School Senior car boyHigh School Senior car boy

Seniors Props - GraduationSeniors Props - Graduation

Tennis SeniorTennis Senior

Whatever you are passionate about, we love to photograph you doing it.

Seniors Props - FlowerSeniors Props - Flower


High School Senior Girl booksHigh School Senior Girl books

If you have a special interest or pastime that you enjoy sharing with the world, please let us know and we will work with you to create a session around it.  

Seniors Props - WritingSeniors Props - Writing

Sydney Sport PosterSydney Sport Poster

Often times these special sessions produce beautiful, intense photographs that inspire and impress.  

High School Senior SkateboardHigh School Senior Skateboard

Seniors Props - Guitar 1Seniors Props - Guitar 1

We are happy to provide on-location services within a reasonable distance to competitions, shows, or favorite spots around town.

Marquis of GranbyMarquis of Granby

High School Senior DanceHigh School Senior Dance



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Grooms and their Groomsmen - Just for the Boys Lets have a little Groom and Groomsmen fun!

Weddings are a little bit girly.  We get it!  

Choosing bouquet colors might not be your thing.  Your mind might start wandering a bit when the discussion comes along for which table setting best matches the bridesmaid's dresses.  But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun planning your Big Day; it just means you need something that's interesting to you.  Something just for the boys.


Before the ceremony begins, we love to photograph the 'getting ready' images for both sides of the wedding party.  For the groom, this is your time to relax and have a little bit of fun with the boys.  Be a little manly.  Enjoy some final moments of bachelorhood.  And your photographs remembering these moments should reflect who you are as an individual.

What do you love to do?


Do you have a favorite car, motorbike, or perhaps a favorite drink? Do you like playing a sport or enjoying spending time with your dog?  However you love to express yourself, we would like to capture that on camera!  We will work with you to create a pre-wedding 'just of guys" experience that you can truly enjoy and look forward to.  


It won't just be about straightening your tie or having your Best Man button you up for the isle. Although - this is important too!


 It will be a little party in your honor, with an activity that you love, with everyone dressed up and looking sharp.  Let's plan it together.


Okay, so you've got the whole suit thing down.  You picked it out, with friends, family or maybe just alone with a helpful sales associate, and you're looking hot.  You feel great.  But it's just a suit.  Where's the fun?  Where's the flare?

This little guide is here to add a bit of personal rock n' roll to your wedding outfit.  Contrary to what your mom might be hinting at, you can create your own, new traditions and add some spicy style to the traditional mix with accessories!  Here ae just a few ideas on how to look a little extra stylin' with your guys-friends on your wedding day.



Your Style Guide


One of the first places groomsmen and the groom himself like to express themselves is in the choice of funky socks!  Clandestine enough to please the parents but crazy enough to satisfy your thirst for the non-traditional, a pair of nutty socks can rock the house.  We love taking shots of the groom and his gang lifting up the bottom of their suit pants to reveal something unexpected!


Sunglasses and hats

There's truly no end to the fun, style, and personality of an awesome chapeau.  Check out the hat stores with your guy friends and enjoy trying out different hats.  It's a blast and they look fabulous in photographs to boot.  Vintage hats can look incredible.  Have fun with it!


Sunglasses are a firm favorite and with all the styles out there, your groomsmen can look their 'gangster' best.


Ah, the shoes.  In a certain sense, the choice of shoes sets the tone for the wedding.  We've seen it all - from super formal and traditional all the way down to color-pop sneakers.  Whatever you choose, make sure it coordinates with your groomsmen's shoes.  Don't be afraid to get a little crazy with the shoes - fun shoes look super-fab in photographs and add a lot of character to your suit.  Some grooms even get their names embroidered on their shoes!!



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She said "YES!" We're Engaged!

One of the most popular questions I get when my engaged clients book their sessions are queries surrounding


Below is a fun color and fashion guide to ensure gorgeous portrait results.



A violet-themed engagement outfit exudes playful sophistication and looks great on camera!  Small accents of purple, such as scarves and accessories, can also liven up an otherwise muted palette!



 Blue can be dressed up or down to fit your tastes, and can be used either as a main color or accenting in your outfits. 



Green looks beautiful combined with earth tones, and therefore makes a wonderful choice for outdoor shoots and backdrops of wood and stone. Even small accents of green, such as jewelry, scarves, or shoes, look wonderful with whites and tans. 


Ah, yellow! The color of happiness, of light and sunshine. Yellow is a wonderful color to wear in outdoor, buttery natural-light shoots, and looks amazing on
camera! Although yellow can be difficult for some to wear because of its tendency to wash out skin tones, patterns with yellow or a single yellow garment in an otherwise neutral palette adds wonders to your images. Adding yellow florals, jewelry, or accents also helps to make your photos go “POP!”. We love yellow! 




Orange is a tangy, optimistic color that demands attention! Strong, joyful, and happy, adding orange to your engagement session is always a hit on camera. Couples with a more extroverted nature might enjoy orange-themed outfits. Orange also looks wonderful in urban settings, such as against concrete, brick, and stone. 



 Since red is truly a brilliant, attention-grabbing color, we recommend peppering your outfit with red accents instead of making red the main color for all garments. Pairing red with denim or darker neutral tones makes for striking engagement images that create lasting impressions on your wall. 

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We've gone SQUARE! Proud to be SQUARE 

We are very excited to introduce a new full range of square products to the studio.


Beautiful 5x5 matte prints are available for ordering with or without a white border

12x12, 16x16, 20x20 and 30x30 all offered with white borders, beautiful thick, matted quality


Beautiful hand-torn framed square portraits in 7x7 or 10x10 sizes

(Frames come in black, brown or natural wood)

3-7x7 Frame_Contemporary Black3-7x7 Frame_Contemporary BlackOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 7x7 Frame_Contemporary Black7x7 Frame_Contemporary BlackOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Square-Classic Modern Frame_BlackSquare-Classic Modern Frame_Black TornEdgeArtPrint_SloppyBorder_10x10TornEdgeArtPrint_SloppyBorder_10x10

Canvas gallery wrapped 15x15, 20x20 or 25x25 portraits in color or black and white

(2" canvas side width)


Heritage Wood 8x8 portraits

If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in the images.  Our new Heritage Wood prints are for you!  Whereas a traditional wood print is a print transfer process that allows some of the natural color and grain to show slightly through the image, Heritage Wood Prints are a Fine Art paper mounted directly to 3/4" wood with hand sanded corners. No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wooden print with true color and clarity of the printed image.  Available in two finishes, the final product has a hand-made artisan effect.





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Profile of Art at Work Artists at Work

Several years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with members of the Granby Artist Association in Connecticut.  They were celebrating their 10th year anniversary and I was able to photograph several of the artists at work in their individual studios.

Each artist allowed me to spend an hour or two with them, watching and recording their art journey in a series of black and white portraits.  These portraits were used throughout their Open Studio Tour that year, promoting the group, their membership, and their art.

Granby-Artist-AvisGranby-Artist-Avis Granby-Artist-BillSimpsonGranby-Artist-BillSimpson Granby-Artist-JoanneGranby-Artist-Joanne Granby-Artist-LauraGranby-Artist-Laura Granby-Artist-MaggieGranby-Artist-Maggie Granby-Artist-SallyGranby-Artist-Sally Granby-Artist-StraussGranby-Artist-Strauss Granby-Artist-TraceyGranby-Artist-Tracey Granby-ArtistsGranby-Artists

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Commercial and Corporate Headshots Professional Headshots

No matter whether you work in a small business, your own business, or a large corporation, the 'face' and 'faces' of the company represents it's professionalism and brand.  Professional portraits of you, your employees and colleagues represent the tone and seriousness of your business.  First impressions and options are based on the first few seconds of someone looking at your photograph.  Don't let your professional brand be jeopardized by a poor headshot - perhaps the one a friend or family member took at a recent wedding or restaurant or in a not-so-professional setting, or the overfiltered, Instagram selfie from last week.  Employees are often referred to a company's greatest asset so don't cheapen your brand by having bad photographs of your team!

No one loves having to sit in front of a camera and update their professional look but it is vital to stay up-to-date and trendy.  So often we get given a business card or see a LinkedIn profile and the person looking back at us looks nothing like their photograph!

Updated portraits are recommended every three to five years.  Changing jobs or professions is also a perfect time to update your profiles with a new photograph of yourself.

We LOVE photographing classic, simple, professional headshots!






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Cake Smash Birthday Bash  



What is a Cake Smash Session?

A cake smash session in an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate baby's first birthday and get memorable photographs of your little one!

The images taken at a cake smash sessions are unique, memorable, and make incredible decor and gifts for your home and family.  Cake smashes are fun for baby and parents, and provide a unique opportunity to capture your baby's curiosity and personality at this young age.  Many clients choose a cake smash session for documenting baby's first birthday, while others see the session itself as a special occasion!  It is our pleasure to work with you and your family to craft a special photo experience just for your baby!


What to expect

For the safety and comfort of everyone involved, we like to let baby set the pace of a cake smash session.  Some sessions only last a few minutes, while others may take more time.  Ideally, baby will dig right into the cake and go all out, but more often than not things may need a little nudge from mom and dad.  Sometimes baby won't interact with the cake at all, and having a parent there to engage and encourage can make a world of difference.  Because of this, we recommend that parents be prepared to be photographed along with baby.  Try dressing in colors that complement what your baby is wearing and be ready for a bit of a mess!  Some of the most memorable images from a cake smash session come from the whole family being completely covered in cake!


Birthday Parties

If the session is taking place during a birthday party, we recommend setting up the cake in a distraction-free area to encourage baby to focus.  Finding a shady spot away from the crowd will generally produce better images, and allow the focus of the photography to be on your little one.  If you are planning your cake smash session around a party, we encourage you to work with us to create a timeline of events so we may properly prepare.  Our first priority is to create amazing images you can enjoy again and again years  after the event has taken place!

Our preference for all cake smash events is to book the session at the studio on our white backdrop.  The colors pop and you get a beautiful magazine style look for your beautiful large wall canvas and birthday album.  We normally need about 30 minutes for this session and lots of paper towel for cleanup!


Choosing a Birthday Cake

The most important item needed for a cake smash session is the cake itself!

We encourage our clients to purchase or make their own cake for baby to ensure it is exactly what you want and expect.  Some babies may have special dietary needs as well, making it important for you to select a treat that keeps your bundle of joy happy and healthy.

 Here are some guidelines for selecting a cake:

Order a mini cake instead of a full sized cake 

Lighter cakes, (whites, yellows) photograph much better than darker ones do and look more appropriate smeared on baby's face

Pure white frosting can be difficult to photograph:  try off-white or different colors for best results

Sprinkles, stripes and colored accents look fabulous on camera - try selecting a cake with interesting decorations

Cupcakes are less expensive than full cakes and can produce results with baby that are just as effective

Tutu outfit girls002Tutu outfit girls002

What to wear?

Choosing an outfit for baby is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a cake smash session!  We highly recommend an outfit after picking out your confection to create a beautiful cohesive look.  Here are a few tips on selecting baby's clothing:

Choose colors that match or complement the colors of the cake

Ruffles, tulle, ribbon and lace look fabulous on camera

Accessories such as headbands, necklaces, and cute shoes add detail and interest to your images

Try to steer away from dark colors or bright white; off white, pastel or bright colors look best

Avoid items that could be damaged by soapy water or cake

Make sure the outfit is washable


Clean Up!

If your session location is not at home, it is important to bring lots of clean-up material to make sure baby is clean and happy after the cake smash!  The smashing session may not last more than a few minutes, and it's best to be prepared for clean-up as soon as we finish.  Bring several clean bath towels, baby wipes, a roll of paper towel, a bottle of water and gentle soap.





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Care for your portrait investment PackagingPackaging

Caring for your Portrait Investment

Caring for your portrait investment

At Indigo Images Photography Studio llc we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest-grade photo products money can buy. Our prints are sourced from top-end labs that sell exclusively to professional photographers. Each product we deliver to our clients is cropped, meticulously color corrected, and custom designed just for you.

All photo products (with the exception of cards) are rated as archival grade, meaning they will retain their luster and brilliant color for decades. It's up to you to ensure that your investment stays beautiful for generations. We've created this little guide to help you care for your prints properly. If you have any questions or need advice on how to care for a particular product, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help!

Fine Art Portrait Albums

Storage of your portrait albums

Always store your album closed and in an acid-free protective bag or box. This is considered "dark storage" and is ideal for preserving the photographic prints. Do not store your album where it may be subject to extreme heat, direct sunlight, excessive humidity, or contact with moisture. Such conditions may cause warping of the cover or pages. If you notice your book beginning to warp, place it on a clean table with several heavy books on top of it until warping has disappeared.

Viewing your portrait albums

The best viewing method is to rest the back cover on a clean tabletop or on your lap, supporting the front cover with your left hand as you flip through the album. Never suspend your album by only its cover; the page block is very heavy, and this can stress the flush mounting.

Gallery Canvas Wraps

Temperature and humidity

It's very important to hang your gallery canvas in a place where it will be kept free of moisture and extreme temperatures. Moisture can cause molding in cracks of the artwork as well as the hardwood framing, which is bad news for a beautiful canvas art piece! Extreme heat and cold, or fluctuations between the two, can cause permanent warping of the wood, preventing the canvas from lying flat against the wall. Cool, dry rooms, away from open windows, are the ideal location for your canvas wrap.


Your beautiful new gallery canvas is archival grade, which means with proper care and storage it may last for generations! As with any print, however, it's important to follow a few guidelines for hanging that will ensure its brilliant color will stay that way over time. Hanging your canvas in direct sunlight, or under direct artificial light, will cause the colors to fade more quickly than in darker areas. We recommend choosing a hanging space under softer artificial light or bounce light, out of the direct rays of the sun.

Dust and cleaning

Of course, anything hanging on a wall for an extended period of time will collect dust and soot from the air surrounding. Wiping the canvas gently, with a damp, super-soft towel periodically will ensure your lovely artwork continues to look incredible year after year.

Large Portrait Prints

Large prints are investment pieces that should be treated as museum-grade works of art. When you order a large print from our studio, you have the option of purchasing it as either a wall-ready mounted piece, or a loose print delivered for immediate framing.


All-ready mounted prints are crafted by hand with acid-free adhesives to archival grade backing which supports the print against bending and damaged corners. The prints also have a protective anti scratch coating to assist with long-term display. When your mounted print arrives, handle it very gently with clean hands (or preferably soft gloves) to prevent any scratching or oil marks. Choose an area in the house where the print will not be in direct sunlight at any point during the day; this will cause fading over time. Mount on the wall as directed in a place that will be inaccessible to children or pets. With proper care your mounted prints will last for decades!


Large loose (unmounted) prints call for immediate framing. In fact, if possible, the print should not be removed from its original packaging and delivered directly to the framing company. We highly recommend having your beautiful print framed professionally with acid-free materials to ensure a long-term preservation of your investment. Museum-grade glass or acrylic protection is necessary for your print to remain in beautiful condition throughout the years. Most professional framing shops will guide you through the process of choosing the right colors and materials to fit your home decor and your budget. If you need recommendations for framing companies, just ask!

Small Portrait Prints


Small prints are one of the most common gift items purchased from our studio. They're also some of the first photo products to get scratched, banged, and faded as they are displayed casually in various settings around the house. If you have or are planning to gift small prints without an immediate plan for display, storage in an acid-free box will protect them from dust and yellowing. A mylar plastic sleeve will add additional protection for long-term storage.


The casual display of small prints is a classic household tradition. Pinned to a cork board, held up by a fridge magnet, or taped to a desk, small prints can brighten the gloomiest of days. Unfortunately, if not displayed properly, they deteriorate quickly from adhesives, sunlight, and dust. To encourage their longevity we highly recommend ordering small prints mounted to styrene or framing loose prints behind glass or plexiglass immediately upon their arrival. Please make sure that anything the print touches is acid-free - this will prevent yellowing over time!


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High School Senior FAQ

FAQ ...

LauraBring more outfits than you need!
If you can't decide what to wear, bring a few options with you and we'll help you pick the outfits and colors that will be most flattering.
Wear your first outfit to your session.
If you have chosen to wear a formal outfit (jacket and tie for the boys, and a formal 'prom' dress for the girls) come dressed in that outfit, we'll start there.
Keep in mind the quicker you change the more time you will have to enjoy your creative session.
For girls, shorts and short, short skirts are pretty but can be difficult to pose with.  If you love wearing them, by all means bring one short skirt or shorts outfit with you, but remember to bring other options too. 

Senior girl outsideSenior girl outside
Have someone come with you!
Feel free to bring a parent, friend or sibling along to help with your clothing and hair, and to help you relax and feel more comfortable. On the other hand, some models prefer to work alone without an audience!  Due to space and time considerations, any more than two guests will be asked to sit in the waiting room.  No outside cameras or cell phone photographs permitted.
Senior groupSenior group
Bring inspiration!
If you see photographs you like in magazines, web sites or even CD covers, bring them with you to show us before we start your session.  By bringing in your own ideas you will be assured of getting the styles you like.  Plus, your images won't look like any others!
Senior GirlSenior Girl
Makeup for girls?
Wear the makeup you wear everyday! Remember that a little goes a long way, so don't over do it!  Pay special attention to your eyes and lips, as they will be the first things people notice in portraits.  If you don't use colored lipstick, try some clear lip gloss to give your lips a little shine and keep them from looking dry and cracked.  A touch of mascara can make your eyes appear bigger and conveys a great fashion feel!
Avoid glitter makeup, the glitter tends to leave small white dots on your skin when photographed.  Remember, your nails will be visible in your portraits, make sure you have a new coat of nail polish on your nails or go natural and remove all traces of color from them.

If you wear glasses all the time, you'll definitely want to wear them for your portraits. To eliminate distracting glare and reflections, call your optician and arrange to either borrow a pair of empty frames like yours or have the lenses removed from your own frames.  Most opticians will gladly do this for free if you give them a few days notice.    If you choose to wear your glasses with your lenses in, keep in mind that removing glass glare from your photographs can be done at an extra expense.
High School Seniors - boy with hatHigh School Seniors - boy with hat
Suntan and suntan lines?
It's very important that you avoid spending too much time in the sun or at the tanning booth just before your session.  We can easily make you look more tanned in your portraits, but it is very difficult and expensive to fix a sunburned or peeling face.


If you wear braces right now, they're as much a part of your appearance as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear.  Don't be self-conscious about smiling!  If you don't like your braces in your portrait, they can be removed digitally for $35 per pose.  If you're not sure of what to do, don't hesitate to ask.

As part of our service, we remove all acne from your ordered portraits (some costs may apply).  The proof portfolio displays all images without acne removal.  Our image groomers are the best in the industry and will endeavor to give your portraits a smooth, natural complexion.  Be sure to ask in advance if you have any questions regarding image grooming. You will receive complementary grooming of your yearbook portrait choice.

Senior boySenior boy


Make sure you check your hair each time you leave the dressing room. We do have some hair products available for you to use during your session, but feel free to bring your own personal products with you).  There is also a mirror in our camera room that you can ask to use any time you like.
Try to schedule hair appointments at least a week before your session, to allow time for your hair to find it's natural form. 

Senior girl outdoorsSenior girl outdoors
Important miscellaneous info!
Your senior portraits should celebrate your passions - the things that make you unique!  Bring any personal props that you would like to include in your session. Sport equipment, hobbies, pets... you name it - we LOVE it!  We strive to avoid typical studio props that you often see in studio portraits...this is YOUR session and it is all about YOU!
Having said that - props are optional - don't feel pressured to bring props with you if you don't want to!
Sunglasses, piercings and other jewelry, watches or bracelets are all fine if you feel they are a part of your personality.  (NOTE: Your parents may not share the same view about these items, so be prepared to take some photos without them, if it makes them happy.)

Senior familySenior family
Speaking of Parents.....
Many seniors bring one or both parents with them to their session.  Since at least some of the portraits are for them and other family members, we welcome parents and encourage them to sit in on the session and watch - especially since they are likely paying for some or all of them.  
Our goal is make everyone happy - at Indigo Images, we want both you and your parents to love your photographs.

What if it rains?
If your scheduled date looks like rain, NO PROBLEM!  Summer showers often come and go quickly; it might be raining where you are but sunny here.  Call ahead and check with us before leaving home.  If the weather seems to be a problem, WE'LL CALL YOU.  If you don't hear from us just before your session assume that your appointment is still on.


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Welcome High School Seniors

Welcome Class of 2017!  
We are thrilled and honored that many of our local high schools have once again selected Indigo Images Photography Studio LLC as their official senior portrait photography studio for the Class of 2017 - we are very excited to be working with you and your family this year.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call 

(860-413-9988) or email us at

Log onto our website and 

facebook page (Indigo-Images-Photography)

to view portrait samples and specials listed weekly for your Class of 2017.

Seniors Boy groupSeniors Boy group

With all of the options out there for a high school senior photographer, we are honored to play such an important part in your senior year.
You want a fun session and you want your portraits to look great!  
The information below will help in planning your session so you'll feel comfortable, look good and get exactly the photographs you want.
Please read your entire information packet sent to you in the mail - in it you will find everything you need to get ready for your senior portrait experience.

Thanks again for choosing Indigo Images Photography Studio. 

We are excited to meet you and work with you to create beautiful portraits.

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Getting beautiful flower photography with a cell phone Beautiful Botanicals

with your iPhone 6s

A recent visit to the National Botanical Gardens in Washington DC gave me a wonderful opportunity to photograph flowers with my iPhone 6s.  Botanical photography is an art form that has stood the test of time.  Everyone has seen flower photographs and everyone with a camera has photographed flowers.  The challenge of flower photography is getting something beautiful and unique.

Orchid Washington Botanical GardensOrchid Washington Botanical Gardens

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