Care for your portrait investment


Caring for your Portrait Investment

Caring for your portrait investment

At Indigo Images Photography Studio llc we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest-grade photo products money can buy. Our prints are sourced from top-end labs that sell exclusively to professional photographers. Each product we deliver to our clients is cropped, meticulously color corrected, and custom designed just for you.

All photo products (with the exception of cards) are rated as archival grade, meaning they will retain their luster and brilliant color for decades. It's up to you to ensure that your investment stays beautiful for generations. We've created this little guide to help you care for your prints properly. If you have any questions or need advice on how to care for a particular product, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help!

Fine Art Portrait Albums

Storage of your portrait albums

Always store your album closed and in an acid-free protective bag or box. This is considered "dark storage" and is ideal for preserving the photographic prints. Do not store your album where it may be subject to extreme heat, direct sunlight, excessive humidity, or contact with moisture. Such conditions may cause warping of the cover or pages. If you notice your book beginning to warp, place it on a clean table with several heavy books on top of it until warping has disappeared.

Viewing your portrait albums

The best viewing method is to rest the back cover on a clean tabletop or on your lap, supporting the front cover with your left hand as you flip through the album. Never suspend your album by only its cover; the page block is very heavy, and this can stress the flush mounting.

Gallery Canvas Wraps

Temperature and humidity

It's very important to hang your gallery canvas in a place where it will be kept free of moisture and extreme temperatures. Moisture can cause molding in cracks of the artwork as well as the hardwood framing, which is bad news for a beautiful canvas art piece! Extreme heat and cold, or fluctuations between the two, can cause permanent warping of the wood, preventing the canvas from lying flat against the wall. Cool, dry rooms, away from open windows, are the ideal location for your canvas wrap.


Your beautiful new gallery canvas is archival grade, which means with proper care and storage it may last for generations! As with any print, however, it's important to follow a few guidelines for hanging that will ensure its brilliant color will stay that way over time. Hanging your canvas in direct sunlight, or under direct artificial light, will cause the colors to fade more quickly than in darker areas. We recommend choosing a hanging space under softer artificial light or bounce light, out of the direct rays of the sun.

Dust and cleaning

Of course, anything hanging on a wall for an extended period of time will collect dust and soot from the air surrounding. Wiping the canvas gently, with a damp, super-soft towel periodically will ensure your lovely artwork continues to look incredible year after year.

Large Portrait Prints

Large prints are investment pieces that should be treated as museum-grade works of art. When you order a large print from our studio, you have the option of purchasing it as either a wall-ready mounted piece, or a loose print delivered for immediate framing.


All-ready mounted prints are crafted by hand with acid-free adhesives to archival grade backing which supports the print against bending and damaged corners. The prints also have a protective anti scratch coating to assist with long-term display. When your mounted print arrives, handle it very gently with clean hands (or preferably soft gloves) to prevent any scratching or oil marks. Choose an area in the house where the print will not be in direct sunlight at any point during the day; this will cause fading over time. Mount on the wall as directed in a place that will be inaccessible to children or pets. With proper care your mounted prints will last for decades!


Large loose (unmounted) prints call for immediate framing. In fact, if possible, the print should not be removed from its original packaging and delivered directly to the framing company. We highly recommend having your beautiful print framed professionally with acid-free materials to ensure a long-term preservation of your investment. Museum-grade glass or acrylic protection is necessary for your print to remain in beautiful condition throughout the years. Most professional framing shops will guide you through the process of choosing the right colors and materials to fit your home decor and your budget. If you need recommendations for framing companies, just ask!

Small Portrait Prints


Small prints are one of the most common gift items purchased from our studio. They're also some of the first photo products to get scratched, banged, and faded as they are displayed casually in various settings around the house. If you have or are planning to gift small prints without an immediate plan for display, storage in an acid-free box will protect them from dust and yellowing. A mylar plastic sleeve will add additional protection for long-term storage.


The casual display of small prints is a classic household tradition. Pinned to a cork board, held up by a fridge magnet, or taped to a desk, small prints can brighten the gloomiest of days. Unfortunately, if not displayed properly, they deteriorate quickly from adhesives, sunlight, and dust. To encourage their longevity we highly recommend ordering small prints mounted to styrene or framing loose prints behind glass or plexiglass immediately upon their arrival. Please make sure that anything the print touches is acid-free - this will prevent yellowing over time!


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