High School Senior FAQ

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LauraBring more outfits than you need!
If you can't decide what to wear, bring a few options with you and we'll help you pick the outfits and colors that will be most flattering.
Wear your first outfit to your session.
If you have chosen to wear a formal outfit (jacket and tie for the boys, and a formal 'prom' dress for the girls) come dressed in that outfit, we'll start there.
Keep in mind the quicker you change the more time you will have to enjoy your creative session.
For girls, shorts and short, short skirts are pretty but can be difficult to pose with.  If you love wearing them, by all means bring one short skirt or shorts outfit with you, but remember to bring other options too. 

Senior girl outsideSenior girl outside
Have someone come with you!
Feel free to bring a parent, friend or sibling along to help with your clothing and hair, and to help you relax and feel more comfortable. On the other hand, some models prefer to work alone without an audience!  Due to space and time considerations, any more than two guests will be asked to sit in the waiting room.  No outside cameras or cell phone photographs permitted.
Senior groupSenior group
Bring inspiration!
If you see photographs you like in magazines, web sites or even CD covers, bring them with you to show us before we start your session.  By bringing in your own ideas you will be assured of getting the styles you like.  Plus, your images won't look like any others!
Senior GirlSenior Girl
Makeup for girls?
Wear the makeup you wear everyday! Remember that a little goes a long way, so don't over do it!  Pay special attention to your eyes and lips, as they will be the first things people notice in portraits.  If you don't use colored lipstick, try some clear lip gloss to give your lips a little shine and keep them from looking dry and cracked.  A touch of mascara can make your eyes appear bigger and conveys a great fashion feel!
Avoid glitter makeup, the glitter tends to leave small white dots on your skin when photographed.  Remember, your nails will be visible in your portraits, make sure you have a new coat of nail polish on your nails or go natural and remove all traces of color from them.

If you wear glasses all the time, you'll definitely want to wear them for your portraits. To eliminate distracting glare and reflections, call your optician and arrange to either borrow a pair of empty frames like yours or have the lenses removed from your own frames.  Most opticians will gladly do this for free if you give them a few days notice.    If you choose to wear your glasses with your lenses in, keep in mind that removing glass glare from your photographs can be done at an extra expense.
High School Seniors - boy with hatHigh School Seniors - boy with hat
Suntan and suntan lines?
It's very important that you avoid spending too much time in the sun or at the tanning booth just before your session.  We can easily make you look more tanned in your portraits, but it is very difficult and expensive to fix a sunburned or peeling face.


If you wear braces right now, they're as much a part of your appearance as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear.  Don't be self-conscious about smiling!  If you don't like your braces in your portrait, they can be removed digitally for $35 per pose.  If you're not sure of what to do, don't hesitate to ask.

As part of our service, we remove all acne from your ordered portraits (some costs may apply).  The proof portfolio displays all images without acne removal.  Our image groomers are the best in the industry and will endeavor to give your portraits a smooth, natural complexion.  Be sure to ask in advance if you have any questions regarding image grooming. You will receive complementary grooming of your yearbook portrait choice.

Senior boySenior boy


Make sure you check your hair each time you leave the dressing room. We do have some hair products available for you to use during your session, but feel free to bring your own personal products with you).  There is also a mirror in our camera room that you can ask to use any time you like.
Try to schedule hair appointments at least a week before your session, to allow time for your hair to find it's natural form. 

Senior girl outdoorsSenior girl outdoors
Important miscellaneous info!
Your senior portraits should celebrate your passions - the things that make you unique!  Bring any personal props that you would like to include in your session. Sport equipment, hobbies, pets... you name it - we LOVE it!  We strive to avoid typical studio props that you often see in studio portraits...this is YOUR session and it is all about YOU!
Having said that - props are optional - don't feel pressured to bring props with you if you don't want to!
Sunglasses, piercings and other jewelry, watches or bracelets are all fine if you feel they are a part of your personality.  (NOTE: Your parents may not share the same view about these items, so be prepared to take some photos without them, if it makes them happy.)

Senior familySenior family
Speaking of Parents.....
Many seniors bring one or both parents with them to their session.  Since at least some of the portraits are for them and other family members, we welcome parents and encourage them to sit in on the session and watch - especially since they are likely paying for some or all of them.  
Our goal is make everyone happy - at Indigo Images, we want both you and your parents to love your photographs.

What if it rains?
If your scheduled date looks like rain, NO PROBLEM!  Summer showers often come and go quickly; it might be raining where you are but sunny here.  Call ahead and check with us before leaving home.  If the weather seems to be a problem, WE'LL CALL YOU.  If you don't hear from us just before your session assume that your appointment is still on.


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