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Grooms and their Groomsmen - Just for the Boys

Lets have a little Groom and Groomsmen fun!

Weddings are a little bit girly.  We get it!  

Choosing bouquet colors might not be your thing.  Your mind might start wandering a bit when the discussion comes along for which table setting best matches the bridesmaid's dresses.  But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun planning your Big Day; it just means you need something that's interesting to you.  Something just for the boys.


Before the ceremony begins, we love to photograph the 'getting ready' images for both sides of the wedding party.  For the groom, this is your time to relax and have a little bit of fun with the boys.  Be a little manly.  Enjoy some final moments of bachelorhood.  And your photographs remembering these moments should reflect who you are as an individual.

What do you love to do?


Do you have a favorite car, motorbike, or perhaps a favorite drink? Do you like playing a sport or enjoying spending time with your dog?  However you love to express yourself, we would like to capture that on camera!  We will work with you to create a pre-wedding 'just of guys" experience that you can truly enjoy and look forward to.  


It won't just be about straightening your tie or having your Best Man button you up for the isle. Although - this is important too!


 It will be a little party in your honor, with an activity that you love, with everyone dressed up and looking sharp.  Let's plan it together.


Okay, so you've got the whole suit thing down.  You picked it out, with friends, family or maybe just alone with a helpful sales associate, and you're looking hot.  You feel great.  But it's just a suit.  Where's the fun?  Where's the flare?

This little guide is here to add a bit of personal rock n' roll to your wedding outfit.  Contrary to what your mom might be hinting at, you can create your own, new traditions and add some spicy style to the traditional mix with accessories!  Here ae just a few ideas on how to look a little extra stylin' with your guys-friends on your wedding day.



Your Style Guide


One of the first places groomsmen and the groom himself like to express themselves is in the choice of funky socks!  Clandestine enough to please the parents but crazy enough to satisfy your thirst for the non-traditional, a pair of nutty socks can rock the house.  We love taking shots of the groom and his gang lifting up the bottom of their suit pants to reveal something unexpected!


Sunglasses and hats

There's truly no end to the fun, style, and personality of an awesome chapeau.  Check out the hat stores with your guy friends and enjoy trying out different hats.  It's a blast and they look fabulous in photographs to boot.  Vintage hats can look incredible.  Have fun with it!


Sunglasses are a firm favorite and with all the styles out there, your groomsmen can look their 'gangster' best.


Ah, the shoes.  In a certain sense, the choice of shoes sets the tone for the wedding.  We've seen it all - from super formal and traditional all the way down to color-pop sneakers.  Whatever you choose, make sure it coordinates with your groomsmen's shoes.  Don't be afraid to get a little crazy with the shoes - fun shoes look super-fab in photographs and add a lot of character to your suit.  Some grooms even get their names embroidered on their shoes!!



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