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It's Prom Season!

How to take your own beautiful prom portraits!

It's Spring and everyone is excited for their high school senior prom!

Prom Portraits 001-5Prom Portraits 001-5

Beautiful dresses, shoes, hair, make-up, rented tux's, matching ties and dresses, and of course, the flower corsage.

It is such an exciting time and you definitely want to record all the beautiful details in pictures.

What a wonderful tradition to meet at one of your friend's houses, share some snacks and, of course, take photographs of your high school senior prom group!

Prom Portraits 008Prom Portraits 008

Here are a few tips we have picked up over years of photographing this tradition!

Find a pretty spot, make sure it is in open shade.  Somewhere where the spring blossoms are already in bloom and make sure you have enough space to photograph bigger groups.  Agree to select a parent to take charge of the pictures, it is very difficult to control big groups when the group is excited and energized and all the parents are trying to attract their attention for the perfect pic!  Let one person take charge, pose the group cohesively and then everyone stands behind that person and can get their own Instagram shots with everyone in the group looking in one direction.

Prom yellow dressProm yellow dress

Photograph each person individually - they will definitely want to keep those images for their senior albums.

Remember to pose and photograph a head shot close-up to get all the finer details, as well as a full length for both boys and girls.

Prom Portraits 003Prom Portraits 003


Prom Portraits 004Prom Portraits 004

Photograph all the girls together as well as the boys together with their friends as a full group.

Posing groups can be challenging so be aware of heights and pose all in one direction or split the group and pose both halves facing into the middle.

Prom girl groupProm girl group

Prom boy groupProm boy group

Props add an element of fun and excitement and shows the group personality.

Prom boys propsProm boys props

Prom girls propProm girls prop

Posing couples for prom is always tricky.  Make sure you get a great shot of each couple together, but, pose them in a way that does not look like a wedding shot - keep it light and friendly, avoid intimate couples portraits.  Most of the prom couples are good friends, but not necessarily dating!

Prom Portraits 001Prom Portraits 001

Prom Portraits 001-6Prom Portraits 001-6 Prom Portraits 002-2Prom Portraits 002-2

Photograph close friends together.

Prom Portraits 012Prom Portraits 012



Prom Portraits 001-4Prom Portraits 001-4

Don't forget to include all the carefully planned details.

Prom Portraits 007Prom Portraits 007 Prom Portraits 006Prom Portraits 006

If time allows, include a quick photograph of each student with their parents - it is something we forget to include, but is a treasured memory of senior year.

Prom Portraits 010Prom Portraits 010 Prom Portraits 011Prom Portraits 011




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