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Pets and their People


Our Furbabies

A sympathetic snuggle or a wet kiss on a bad day.  

A happy face at the door.  A running companion, or a couch potato.

For many of us, pets are more than just pets; they are family members.  They are an integral part of our everyday lives, depending on us for care and shelter, and in return offering us unconditional love.

Dog pretty petDog pretty pet

Seniors Props - DogSeniors Props - Dog

We love documenting this special bond.  From a rambunctious romp in the field to a silky pillow at home, we hit to capture the spirit of your beloved pet and the love you share.  Beautiful images for your four-legged best friend are a fantastic way to decorate your home.  Many of our clients enjoy an endless stream of compliments on their pet portraits from visitors and family.  The photographs are also a beautiful, treasured reminder of your pet for many years to come.

Family catFamily cat

Dad and DogDad and Dog

Preparing your pampered pet for a photoshoot may seem intimidating, but in fact can be a fun bonding experience!  We highly recommend grooming your pet before their portrait session to help them look their very best.  Some clients prefer to groom their pets themselves, while others seek a professional groomer for a perfect finishing touch!

Dog petDog pet

For those up for a bit of an adventure, grooming can be a fun, enjoyable way to interact with their pet.  Unless you have lots of experience with grooming we recommend only styling shedding-fur pets at home, non-shedding dogs require a great deal of skill and tools to bath, blow-dry and clip.  A quality pet shampoo, conditioner and towel-dry the night before the photoshoot will help your pet to look his absolute best the next day.  After bathing your pet, make sure to dry inside the ears to prevent potential infection.  Brushing your pet thoroughly will help the coat to shine and remove mats and dead hairs.


The day of the photoshoot, we recommend brushing your pet again to smooth the hair and make it shine.  Leave-on conditioners can add a wonderful sheen to your pet's coat.  Make sure to take a damp towel and gently clean around your pet's eyes to remove any mucus that might have built up overnight.

With just a little bit of elbow grease, your pet can look incredible for their portrait!  Please make sure to read all care instructions for grooming products to ensure your pet is happy, safe and healthy.

Pets catPets cat

During our portrait session together, you can expect a fun, professional experience with us.  With years of experience as pet owners as well as photographers, we understand it may take some extra time and loads of patience to get a perfect shot.  We'll ask you to bring your pet's favorite toys and treats and work with you and your pet in a relaxed, natural way.  Our goal is to capture the essence of who you are, and who your pet is, and like to allow the animals to set the pace of the shoot. 


Granny and dogGranny and dog

We have over twenty years of professional experience photographing pets and their people.  We take a natural approach to our images, working closely with you to create the images of your dreams.  Our style is expressive and candid; our emphasis is on emotion and to document your love through small moments in time.  We look forward to working with you and your furry family members to create treasured pet portraits.

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