Commercial & Corporate Headshots

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!" - Unknown


Known for stunning children and family portraiture, wedding photography and high school senior portraits, Indigo Images Photography Studio llc also offers a comprehensive corporate portrait service.  Portraits are created in the studio or on location at your office, using high quality, professional equipment and techniques.  

Represent yourself in the best possible light with an up-to-date professional image you can be proud of.

Still using that old snapshot on your Facebook or LinkedIn business page?

Corporate headshots should be updated every three to five years in order to keep your business profile up-to-date and modern.  Our goal is to make you look your very best.  

Below is a comprehensive guide to preparing you for your portrait session.




Ensure you have a haircut and/or color at least one week in advance of your portrait session, as freshly cut hair tends to stand on end and is very static in front of the camera.

We ask that everyone come in with their hair ready the way you would like to present yourself.  If you have curly hair and want to have a series of portraits curly and straightened, come curly and we will add some time to your session for you to straighten your hair at the studio. Don't forget to bring your hair straightener with you.

Prepare your facial hair for your headshot by trimming, plucking and choosing a style for shaving facial hair in advance. Knowing that plucking can leave red marks, and bleaching can irritate skin, be sure to have these done a few days ahead of your session.

For male models it is sometimes a good idea for our gentlemen to arrive at the shoot with stubble or beard for the first shots, shaving in between shots to get a cleaner look, however some men's skin becomes red and irritated after shaving so this option may suit some men better than others.



Nails are vital for men and women. Assume your hands will be visible in the photograph.  Make sure that you use lots of cream ahead of time to ensure that your hands do not look dry and flaky.  Nails must be clean and nail polish must be fresh and, where possible, neutral or clear in color and beautifully applied.


Makeup for the session is vital and highly recommended.  You don't have to wear excessive makeup but freshly applied natural looking makeup will make you look well groomed and beautiful. Bring additional lipstick, chapstick and mascara with you for reapplication during the portrait session.  You are welcome to bring your makeup artist with you for touchups during the portrait session.


Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Studs and small earrings work well on camera.  Keep necklaces simple and classic.  Anything chunky will draw the eye from your face to your neckline as works as a distraction.


As we age teeth do tend to discolor.  Avoid anything that may stain your teeth on the day of your portrait session.  If your teeth are noticeably yellowed or stained, invest in having them professionally cleaned and whitened.  We do have tools at our disposal to whiten teeth digitally, but looking your best always gives the portraits an air of confidence when you smile.


Commercial Head shot girlCommercial Head shot girl

What to Wear?

Feel free to bring a variety of different options for clothing.

Our number one rule for clothing is that you have to love what you are wearing.  If you don't feel comfortable  in it, your portraits will look awkward.  We suggest a range of different colors and necklines.  If you are unsure, bring it along for us to test.  Don't be seasonal, everything from t-shirts to sweaters can work.  We love textures and layers!  

Make sure the clothing is clean and ironed!  Wrinkles definitely show in photographs and gives a very unprofessional look to the portraits.  Ensure that your clothing fits well - clothing too large or too small will look uncomfortable in your final portraits.


Simple tie without broad stripes, avoiding bright red

Conservative patterns can be used carefully

Dark suit coat or sports jacket. Small pinstripe is fine

Clean shaven face and well tended beard

Haircut more than one week old

Commercial Head shot maleCommercial Head shot male


Dark jacket over a simple silk top or blouse.

Add interesting patterns on jacket, blouse or scarf

Sweater or top with a simple, conservative neckline

Hair style down, or pulled up or back to control 'flyaways'

Simple jewelry, matching earring and necklace are ideal

Earrings no larger than your thumbnail or small hoops

Fresh application of daytime makeup


Commercial Head Shot darkCommercial Head Shot dark


Our Commercial and Corporate Headshots are priced at $300 per session and include three digital images for commercial use.  Additional image files may be purchased at $50 each.

A deposit of 30% is non-refundable, and due on the day of the portrait session.  Please let me know at least 48 hours before the session date if you must reschedule.

We will provide you with twelve excellent images to choose from. Your three image files that will be delivered in both hi-resolution and web resolution format, in both color and black and white within one week of your order appointment via Dropbox.


A word about Copyright and Usage

Copyright is protected by the Federal Copyright Law. It is unlawful to use these headshot images for commercial usage without permission of the photographer. Even though the pictures are of you, the photographer still owns the copyright to the image. Indigo Images  Photography Studio llc retains the copyright and ownership of all images of the photo session and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio, studio display, gallery display, website, and self-promotion. Clients are not allowed to give images to third parties (such as magazines, newspapers, or other commercial publications) without written consent.  

No other camera equipment other than the photographer’s is allowed in the photo session.