Engaged and Married

"I do, I do, I do!" Everyone


What is it about weddings that we all love so much?

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Is it that perfect dress, the beautiful flowers, the fine details, the music, laughter, family and friends?

Or is it that we all just love LOVE!

Wedding LoveWedding Love

Little Moments Matter Most!

We remember life as a string of big events; epic happenings that define our lives and live on in family stories.  Weddings are no different - the main focus in wedding planning is on the defining events - the kissing of the bride, cutting of the cake, father-daughter dancing, the bouquet toss.

But what about the moments in-between?


What about the tiny, serendipitous small things that happen without planning, just from a room filled with love?

What about a small touch, a smiling face, a kind word, in-between the big events?  These moments are what we live to capture.  The moments that are so often overlooked, but together make up the very emotional essence of a wedding, and of our lives.


These moments are incredibly special and so fleeting.  We strive to give them life and the importance they deserve.  

Moments you may not even notice at first, but look back on later in photographs and cherish.  This is our specialty, and our passion.


Reasons why

Engagement Sessions are a great idea!


Practice for the Big Day

When the big day arrives, some couples may be nervous about being in front of the lens.  Having an engagement session beforehand is a great way for us to get to know each other and practice working together.  You'll feel more confident for your wedding photos, and know exactly what to expect when working with us.

Engagement beachEngagement beach

Images to use

Believe it or not, you will find you will be using your engagement portraits again and again before your big day arrives!  Our clients love using their favorite portraits for their Save The Date cards and their wedding website.  Many couples have even used their engagement images in their wedding invitation suite!  We often create wedding guest sign-in albums and books for the wedding day.  No matter how you choose to dress up your wedding stationery, we are very sure, you will find multiple uses for these fun, casual photographs.


You get to have fun and express yourself

In your engagement session, anything goes!  We highly recommend and encourage every kind of  self-expression, (see our blog post on What to Wear for your engagement session)  including fashion taste, favorite colors, hobbies, special locations, and anything else that's unique to you as a couple.  Sometimes couples choose locations where he proposed, others a favorite bar or outdoor spot.  We encourage you to incorporate props, pets, hobbies, or anything else that's special to you!  We love getting creative and having clients being their own creative ideas into their engagement session.


We get to see what works and prepare for your wedding portraits

A lot goes into getting that perfect shot of a couple!  Angles, lighting, and the right posing all heavily contribute to a perfect couple's portrait.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to really nail down what makes a couple look their absolute best.  An engagement session is a perfect way to experiment without worrying about time constraints as we do during a wedding.  Once we try a few things and find your perfect look for your portraits, we can easily replicate it on the day of your wedding, providing you with stunning shots you'll love!