Family Portraits

"Family is not an important thing.  It's EVERYTHING!" - AA Milne


When I was growing up, portrait taking and portraiture was a very different experience to what it is today!

My parents invested in a family portrait every year.  Each year we would go on vacation to the beach and a local photographer would take portraits of holiday makers relaxing in the sun.  A few days later you would go and select your favorite image and before you left to travel back home you would have your printed portraits ready for pick up.

I am so incredibly grateful that my folks placed importance and value on this annual activity.  They gave us memories that will last forever and are some of my most valued and beloved possessions.

Vintage Family -Vintage Family -

Studies have shown that children who see their own portraits in their homes have a deep sense of security and belonging!

Family-portraits-summerFamily-portraits-summer Family GroupFamily Group Family siblings adultFamily siblings adult FamilyFamily

The most frequently asked questions before any family portrait session are about clothing.

Here are a few suggestions when choosing outfits that work for your family,  your personality and your style.

Talk to your family about matching style - jeans & T's, all dresses, all long skirts, etc.

The more planned and cohesive the group dresses, the more professional the portraits will look.

Barefoot or shoes?

Entirely up to you but make sure that you all do the same.

For us, the most important aspect for any family group is COLOR HARMONY!

If colors complement one another in the group, the portrait will have a very cohesive feel and look to the final product.

Family teenagersFamily teenagers Family young childrenFamily young children Family kidsFamily kids


For many of us, pets are more than just pets; they are family members.  

They form an integral part of our everyday lives, depending on us for care and shelter, and in return offering unconditional love.  Most families love to include their pets into at least some of the family portraits.  As pet lovers, and owners ourselves, we LOVE to include the entire family into our sessions!